Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will use this page to answer common questions regarding the material on our site.  Please send us your questions and we will add them to the list below:

Where do the materials on the site come from?

For the past century, Primitive Baptists, have collected libraries of material and resources in book and periodical form.  When they pass away, their holdings are left to their children, grandchildren, or church members who care about the materials.  Additionally, Primitive Baptists have established libraries to house our historical documents in a number of locations around the country.  Finally, collections of materials have been housed in University libraries.

Our current holdings come from each of the above sources including our own personal library, digitally archived materials from,, and, and the libraries of Primitive Baptist ministers and families.

Are the materials copyrighted?

It is our sincere desire to comply with all applicable laws related to copyrighted materials.  The majority of the resources presented on this sight are in the public domain.  If you identify any materials which you believe to be presented in violation of any copyright or other prohibition, please notify us immediately so that we can correct our oversight.

How can I help?

If you have any Primitive Baptist books, periodicals, or other resources not already presented on this site, please consider sharing them with us either through providing a PDF of the material, or coordinating with us to have the material digitized.